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Data Science & Systems Engineering

We are your dream team for initiatives that need (or might need) sophisticated technical and mathematical advisory and leadership. We bring together highly educated, broadly experienced and innovative talents who operate and communicate effectively. 

From “Brain Storm” to “Hand Off”

We can start at the concept stage of your idea and carry your project all the way to through.  Perhaps you need help with “ideation” and the “feasibility” process. We'll help you to think big and then reign it in, to scope a clear and manageable build out plan that meets your timeline. If you are ready to build, we are the implementation team to get it done. We work quickly, write beautiful code, publish clear documentation. We will teach your personnel and empower them. We get your high value targeted projects done correctly at less cost, with less meetings, in less time. 

Core Values

Core Values
Loyalty & Reliability

Among Fortune 1000 and Mid-market companies we serve as a trusted, reliable, and collaborative part of their team. We treat our responsibility as mission critical, and our clients treat us as extensions of their own team, without any of the HR stuff. We are in it for the long term.

Highly Regarded

Talk to our clients. You’ll be amazed at the comfort, value, and flexibility you get from working with us. We deeply respect your investment and strive to be a long term solution partner that you call “the best value for getting critical projects done correctly”

Look to us for projects related to:

  •   data acquisition (web crawlers)

  •   analytics, reporting, & visualization

  •   algorithms, clustering, predictive modeling

  •   data products, data infrastructure

Trade Secrets

Our Trade Secret

Turning “Complexity” into “Parsimony”

A solution should be as simple as possible but no simpler, to paraphrase Einstein.

Some people have the ability to take incredibly complex problems and solve them with simplicity and elegance. We are those people. It's a fundamental goal of every project we tackle. It's the key to consistently providing an incredible value and the key to the satisfaction we get from our work.

Most organizations can’t nail this due to scarcity of talent. Our ability comes from a combination of intelligence, experience, creativity, and the passion for doing excellent work that we are proud of. It’s the reason we started our own company. Here we touch many projects in many domains. Each one exposes us to new methods for solving problems. Each one makes us stronger and faster, and increases the impact we can make.

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