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Auto Finance


Auto Finance

For Dealership Facts Data Solutions click here

Auto Finance is our core vertical. We build innovative Analytics and Information systems for Lenders (and dealerships) that help run their business intelligently.  We have expertise in dealership management, growing market share, pricing and portfolio optimization.

Our proprietary "dealership management” solutions are used by large and small national lenders (Direct, Indirect, and Floor Plan Lenders) to increase “preferred” application volume, manage dealer relationships, and optimize ROA. Request a demo to see how our dealership management solutions can help you become more competitive and profitable.

ID Resolution & Claims Record Matching
Claims Analytics

For Casualty, Workers Comp, or Healthcare businesses,  we specialize in solving problems with managing identity and billing data. Specifically we solve the problem of "messy" (non-standardized) service provider data using our proprietary ID Resolution system. Our technology accurately, comprehensively, and quickly “recovers” any broken and incomplete identity relationships in your claims management or billing data related to claimants, medical providers, or attorneys. This allows us to create meaningful reporting and reliable analytics on any non-transactional data set, for initiatives such as for benchmarking on medical service providers, predictive modeling, fraud detection, provider search and retrieval, etc.

Request a demo and learn how our system and algorithm called “Severe Abstraction Based Clustering” powers accurate and complete restoration of structure to any imperfect data relations to solve record matching data problems.

Legal Services
Legal Services

We automate the business development activities for Law Firms with “GF EntityMatch” a subscription service that automatically matches daily court filings against a firm’s client base. Attorneys receive a complete “match report” custom delivered to their inbox for just pennies per day. Ask for a free trial, and let us show you how GF EntityMatch exposes new opportunities, increases client engagement, and saves your operations staff many valuable hours every day.

General Analytics & Algorithms
Analytics Services

We provide mathematical and technical sophistication to help our clients solve problems with data and to optimize processes that grow and protect a business.

As experts in “Analytics” and “Data Science” we are the experts in the planning and management of processes related to exploiting any kind of data, and in using the correct mathematics and engineering to solve problems with data. We employ solid fundamentals and an innovative spirit to get reliable, repeatable, scalable solutions in areas including:

  • Data Management, Structuring, Storage and Retrieval

  • Data Mining, Pattern Analysis, Clustering, & Feature Detection

  • Statistical Analysis & Predictive Modeling

  • Reporting & Visualization

We focus on clear communication, both verbal and written. This empowers your team and executives to understand the processes and results we work with you to develop, and most importantly to handle data responsibly and to draw sound conclusions.


Yes we know these skills are generally hard or impossible to hire for. Meanwhile the right person can make a huge impact on the competitiveness and profitability of your organization. At General Forensics we are able to share our talent with many interesting companies on a flexible basis. Is your company one of them?


Talk to our clients and hear their perspective about why we are a great Analytics partner. We are passionate about doing things correctly, elegantly, responsibly, and efficiently.

Web Crawlers
Data Acquisition

Web crawlers are magical and we are experts in their magic. If the data is out there we can get it for you quickly, automatically, and even daily. We’ll help you ingest it, make sense of it, use it for advanced analytics, or competitive intelligence. 


Yes, you can be like Google. Whether you desire 10 pages or 10 million, our scalable data center and web crawler infrastructure can do it. Contact us to explore what’s possible.  You’ll be surprised how quick and cost effective it is to implement.

Fraud Detection & Forensics
Fraud Detection

As our name implies, our company got its roots in fraud detection. We manage complex digital forensics investigations on behalf of our financial services clients. Using our proprietary technologies we work faster for a better price, and uncover more than traditional services. 

Suspicious activity, waste, abuse, and collusion also need to be detected early. For lending and insurance companies, we are expects in models, features, metrics, and risk tools that give you an "early warning detection" of what you need to know about before a fledgling problem gets out of hand.

Whether you need to predict fraud with a mathematical model or describe it graphically to a user on a computer screen, consider us as an innovative and competent development partner. We provide the experience, leadership, and tools to help make your initiative a success.

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