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Summary of Court Cases where the DOJ Prosecuted Car Dealership Fraud (2013-2019)

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

Data tables appear below. Full analysis at:

Below you will find two tables. The first summarizes cases where the dealerships was the perpetrator of fraud. The second summarizes cases where the dealership was the victim. Try scrolling right to see more about the fraud involved in each case. Columns with hyperlinks go to the Dept. of Justice website and reveal more information about each case. You can receive an XLSX version of these tables by emailing:

For more information about Dealership Fraud Investigation & Litigation Support, please

Table 1. DOJ prosecutions where a dealership personnel defrauded another party (e.g. consumer, lender, government)

Table 2. DOJ prosecutions where the dealership was the victim of fraud (e.g. employee embezzlement or fraudulent customers)

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